not smart enough to be a nerd.

Oh boy. Everything is elitist now. Even the things that most people don’t want anything to do with. 

Don’t you love people? I don’t. (Well I do but I’m mad so for the purposes of this post let’s say that I don’t).

A dear friend of mine (Let’s call them “Mr. *snort sound* Hyuck hyuck hyuck”) has labelled me a geek because I’m, and I  quote “not smart enough to be a nerd”.

My intelligence has always been something which I struggled to accept. I’m not as smart as my ‘smart’ friends but when it comes to my friends who have talents and less academic success they think I’m a brainiac.  I don’t by any means consider myself overly intelligent. I’m pretty average (despite my reasonably high grades *brag, brag*). I don’t consider my ability to write a mediocre essay on ‘The Merchant Of Venice’ a mark of brilliance. In the same vein though, I refuse to see my choice to pursue humanities over maths (Yes, “maths” with an “s”. I’m Australian and that’s how we roll) and the sciences as a marker of stupidity. I was never disinterested by science, in fact, I found it incredibly funky fresh. I’ve found myself at the point in life where the amount of  things I can give class blocks to is limited. It would be a disservice to myself, as I see it, to abandon history, drama and literature in order to pursue subjects which I am less passionate about.  I take a lot of crap about how simple my subjects are, especially drama. People don’t seem to understand the amount of work that goes into writing and performing a non-naturalistic solo (It’s freaking hard man, I don’t know what I’m doing). Anyway, I’m getting off topic. For a number of my friends my subject choices along with my decision to become a secondary teacher myself in the distant future has become a reason that I am less intelligent than them (again, I am but that’s not the point).

The reason that this bothers me so much is that because of my external interests I can only now be considered a geek. This is not an anti-geek post. Geeks are great. But to me, there is no reason that the title should suggest that the person is less intelligent than anyone else. The idea that the term ‘nerd’ has become elitist is laughable. Soon there will be an interview and at the end if you pass you get your special ring which shows that you’re one of the ‘nerdists’ (a fancy cult of smart people whom you will likely want to punch). I imagine it would go something like this:

“So I hear you are interested in joining the nerdists?”

“Yes, yes I am”

“I’ll need to ask you some questions. What are your interests?”

“I watch a lot of Doctor Who. Read comics and graphic novels. Think cosplay is great. My friends and I have thematic and period based murder mystery parties for funsies. And I pretty much have an unrelenting desire to watch Star Wars at any given moment. Also, studying is my life.”

“Great. Just one more thing. What were your final year subjects?”

“English, General Maths B, Literature, History, English and Psychology”

“Dear God, get the hell out. Try the geekists. I hear they like the lesser species.”

We all know it’s coming.

I’m not even bothered by my intelligence. I’m just bothered that my own friends feel a sense of superiority. To be fair this is a select few who have this crippling pride and a sometimes shocking lack of a filter.

Still. I think I’ve made my point. Don’t be an elitist asshole. Especially over a little gang of people who watch movies together.


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