welcome to me freaking out about ‘the walking dead’

The mid-season premiere is something which I have waited far too long for.

I have reached a point, readers (all none of you), where this gosh darn show occupies almost all of my thinking. I am so invested in the lives of the characters of these characters that occasionally I just wonder about how they’re doing and what they’re thinking about.

“I wonder if Carl is okay. That kid has seen some crazy stuff. He’d be pretty messed up”

~me, while getting juice.

“Are the gang getting enough sleep? If they don’t they could die! There’s enough trying to kill them. Somebody give them all a pillow and a blanket.”

~me, studying for a psychology SAC

“This is worse than any of the crap those losers go through.”

~me, when my alarm goes off

Even though I am clearly trash for ‘The Walking Dead’ I still feel that my opinions are valid. Yes, I am aware none of the people on this planet care what I think but I am choosing to ignore this in favour of further over-saturating the web with reviews no one will ever take serious notice of. There will be spoilers, how could you read a review and not expect them? Do you have so many chromosomes?

Let us commence.

This show honestly masters all the dramatic elements. They have got conflict, contrast, tension and climax perfected those flipping masters of their craft. It’s even better now that the pacing doesn’t make me want to put a toothpick under my toenail and kick a wall multiple times to wake my brain up.

I like that they’re not afraid to kill people (Read, “I’m a sadist who likes to watch people die horrifically). I am also very glad that Sam and Ron are dead. Sam was the kid who a) is such a cinnamon bun he shouldn’t have to suffer and b) so weak he was bound to get people killed. On the other hand, we had the equally useless Ron whose choices were 100% dictated by teen angst. This is not a good combo. I didn’t hate Jesse though, I felt that she could have had potential, but I’ll be damned if I let her potential ruin my chances of seeing Richonne happen. I give them 2 episodes tops. They like moving on.

And also,

  • Yes to the rocket launcher.
  • No to making me worry about Glenn even though I know I don’t have to worry.
  • No to killing the developing wolf guy….. but yes to Carol character development.
  • AYYYY LMAO to Daryl.
  • NOOOOWHYMYBABY to Carl getting shot.
  • Wha? Pour quoi? To Rick letting Judith go with Gabriel, but yes to Gabriel being a babe and having a turnaround.
  • YASSSSSSSSSSS everyone for mother flipping killing it.

This was a very clear and very comprehensive review from Taffles.

You’re welcome.

I’ll try to be more coherent in future because I am not, in fact, illiterate, but it probably won’t happen when I’m talking about the walking dead.



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