ft. stuff I think is cool and other stuff which is not so much.


I have an assessment on Thursday the 17th. It is currently the 15th. This assessment is a big deal. Do I care? Yes. Am I letting myself dwell on that fact? Not at all.

So I thought I’d take the chance to talk a bit. Just to myself and anyone who stumbles across this and cares to listen in. Clearly, I am a wordsmith and have deep and insightful things to say and the time to write them all up into neat and coherent blog posts. That’s why this blog is so popular.

Has anyone read This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff? I have. I am not a fan. I will say this though, it gets better reading it a second time. That’s what my assessment is on. Let’s not think about that. Jack, though, is without a doubt the most frustrating character I have read in a long time. (Update: I am now reading My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin. Sybylla is so much worse.”Ugh, I’m poor. Ugh, I’m rich. I’m ugly. I’m pretty. No man will ever love me. How dare he compliment me, I’m ugly and undesirable.”) I’m sorry dearest T-Wolff but you were a bratty little asshole kid, you absolute pile of scum. I was more annoyed reading your book than when I got gum on my brand new shoes and kept sticking to the ground. I’m almost more annoyed at the child you than I am at the American Presidential Candidates. Almost. Were you less annoying in your other memoirs? I will likely never know. Also, how could you possibly think that you need more than one memoir? Stop.

Speaking of stop. You know who was non-stop? Alexander-mother-flipping- Hamilton. Also Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hamilton is by far the most creative work of theatre which has drawn my attention in a long time. Even just the staging and use of movement by the actors is spectacular. The talent and diversity of the cast is through the roof. The score is so fresh and original, the little spoken-word piece gives me goosebumps every time. But without a doubt, my favourite thing, above everything else, was the way the founding fathers are represented as a bunch of goofy frat boys.

I am Hercules Mulligan,
Up in it, lovin’ it,
yes, I heard your mother say “come again?”

Laurens and LaFayette:

Lock up your daughters and horses
Of course, it’s hard to have intercourse
over four sets of corsets.



It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Oh, I am in such bliss. Watching the clock tick down as I do no work. No stress here. I’m sure I won’t be homeless. *insert aggressive laughter*

You know what’s great? Water! That good old H2O. Great for the skin and internals. I’m sure if you were to turn me inside out I’d be pretty clean due to the amount of water I drink. Oh yeah. Water. Ice cold from the bottle. Fresh from the tap. In fancy bottles. Water. Pretty cool.

This is getting pathetic. Send help.

One day I promise I post something worthwhile on this blog.

Today is not that day.



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