welcome to me freaking out about ‘the walking dead’ #2

This post is coming way late. I was swamped with stuff and thangs. But man that episode (I’m talking about Twice As Far. These posts won’t be consistent, just when something really gets me).

What? Denise? Arrow through the eye? Why? I liked her. I related to her. She was like me, but you know, actually useful.

Also, the drowned baby thing made me real sad. Like wow, that’s dark.

Oh. I just realised they don’t have a doctor anymore. That’s not good. Haha, what could go wrong? Everything will be fine.

My heart breaks for her super cute and awesome girlfriend (who doesn’t get enough screen time) Tara. They were such a nice couple. Why does the apocalypse need to ruin everything? Why does burnt-faced-bike-stealing-sweetheart-killing-asshole have to waltz right in and ruin my night? AMC you drive me mental (I love it).

Also Eugene? You go. You’ve got balls (hahahahahahahahahha). Also, you’re kind of a dick (hahahahahahahaha). I get you want to prove yourself but, man, you are not good at life. You need all the help you can get and I hope this episode knocked some sense into you.

Carol? Where you at gurl? Now is not the time for a vacay.

Is it just me or is this show so oversaturated with characters that none of them get the screen time they need? There’s so many now? Like? Stop?

What do you humans (who may, but probably aren’t, reading this) think?




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