the hamilton book tag.

Wow. Look at me. I think I’m cool enough to do a tag. I’m not. No one tagged me to do this because, in the same way that no one reads my blog, no one wants to be my friend. You see what I did there? Self-deprecation makes me relatable.

This tag was created by maureenkeavy and I am such trash for this musical that it had to be done. Even if no one cares what I think, this is for me. What about my needs?! Anyway.

The Room Where It Happens ~ A book you would put yourself in

Miss P Cover

If I’m being honest I’ll probably die in any book world I choose. I was this close to saying The Walking Dead but man, I am not for that being-torn-limb-from-limb death. So instead I will say Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by  Random Riggs. The premise is cool, the setting is cool and the characters are cool. It’s like X-Men but with sweet little time locked children and I am here for that.

The Schuyler Sisters ~ An underrated female character


Celia Foote is the biggest sweetheart and she shouldn’t suffer anywhere near as much as she does. In a book full of strong female characters I think it can be easy to overlook the ditzy blonde, but she is such a strong woman in her own right.

My Shot ~ A character who goes after what they want


For this one, I’m going to have to go with Nimona. She is such a badass and a go-getter. She may have been a character of mystery but she always when after what she wanted. Dayum. Also, look at how cute she is.

Stay Alive ~ A character you wish was still alive

Finnick O.jpg

There are so many options for this one. I think I’m going to go with Finnick Odair because lord did I cry so many tears. My poor innocent child. Torn apart. (Spoilers??)

Burn ~ The most tragic end to a relationship


Need I say more. TFIOS = 3 days of uncontrollable sobbing. I said more. Deal with it.

You’ll Be Back ~ The sassiest villain


Okay while not technically being a villain, being a bully is enough. Draco is sass king. (Weasley is, of course, our actual king.)

The Reynolds Pamphlet ~ A twist you didn’t see coming


Now I’m not talking about the whole who “dies” (not even) thing. I’m talking about the three-page anti-climactic fight scene which was preceded by so much adventure. Why was it short? Why was it lame? The real twist was the crappy ending.

Non-Stop ~ A series you marathoned



Satisfied ~ A book with multiple POV’s


Allegiant. The book where the POV’s are really kind of a spoiler. Good job V. Roth.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story ~ A book you think will be remembered throughout history 

A Farn

Animal Farm is iconic. Also, Orwell is iconic. Love him. Love his wonderfully written, funny and entertaining political commentaries. READ NOW THANKS.

Helpless ~ A relationship you were pulling for from the start


Ron and Hermione are the original OTP. Straight outta Hogsmeade.

Ten Duel CommandmentsFavourite  fight scene


Oh my lord. The massive climax and fight scene towards the end of Ready Player One was INSANE.

Say No To This ~ A guilty pleasure read 


I don’t like this one. It makes me feel like I should feel guilty. A thing that people at school do sometimes. So I have chosen one which caused me severe school suffering. Fangirl is the actual bomb though, go read it.

What Comes Next ~ A series you wish had more books


Um! This used to be the Maximum Ride series and look how well that turned out (NOT WELL). Can I ask for more good Maximum Ride books? Pretend the others never happened? No? Well then.

Right Hand Man ~ Favourite brOTP


Quentin, Radar and Ben along with the girls are hecking great.

What’d I Miss ~ A series you were late to reading


Okay so I have only read the first but I have the complete intention of reading the rest. It’s actually kind of great in a terrible and campy way.







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