starting facebook wars.

You know when someone makes a Facebook post or shares something that not only conflicts with your beliefs but also comes from a place of astounding ignorance? Yeah? That annoys me.

I did something today which I had sworn I’d never, never, never ever do. I replied. Gasp. Yes, I was so mildly annoyed that without thinking I commented “Lordy”. This person knows I’m a feminist but does not know me well enough to actually know what I believe. He has a very negative perception of feminists.

I get the most passive aggressive response: “#equality”


This post was one of those mennist posts which basically says “equality means I don’t have to be nice and I can hit you lololol”.

I politely respond with: “Equality is exactly what I believe in.”

“So you must agree with this then :-)”.

A goddamn smiley face. This man is testing me. Smiley face my ass, you want me to disagree. You want to start a fight. Well, you’re not going to win. I’m a rational person. Sometimes.

So my final say on the matter is: “I agree with the essence of the post but I just find the presentation and wording to be a little insensitive.”

I win. I have said nothing wrong. The would be battle dies.

He will never stop me sarcastically commenting “#triggered” on every anti-feminist post my friends share. Or sarcastically responding with, “Oh my Lord! My hair is suddenly blue over night! Where did all of his body hair come from? What is makeup? I don’t shower. Hope I don’t get stuck in the doorway again,” every time someone says stupid things.

I am unstoppable.

No one cares.


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