homegroup teachers be trippin’.

I have always prided myself on having informed opinions and/or making it clear that I don’t have much background before a discussion begins. Keeping an open mind.

I have a Homegroup teacher this year who has been rubbing me the wrong way since February. He talks about his opinions a lot, particularly American politics as he’s Californian, and he likes to try to have meaningful discussions. By forcing class participation. Sounds like a good idea right.

This story begins far too early on a Monday morning, the room is filled with year 12 students being kept awake only by their morning caffeine and fear of failure. The teacher attempts yet again to begin a conversation to no avail. The Homegroup teacher has no place trying to infiltrate the minds of his students, particularly when his one hope is to find something he disagrees with so that he can argue.

We’re getting a new principal next year. He’s a “strong Christian” who has worked with the Indigenous community in the Norther Territory.

“But what is he like as a person?” a friend of mine interrupts.

“Oh we prayed together for a while, strong Christian man.”

“But… as a person?”

Send help. This went on for a good five minutes.

He also thought it would be good for us to discuss controversial issues and so, he got us to write down some which we may be interested in discussing. I was the last one to get the page and when I handed it to him he said:

“Oh I don’t know about some of these. Well I’ll just take out the ones I don’t like and put in my own.”

I’ve yet to discuss one that I saw written on the page. What is the point?

I crave the day that I will be free from this time of servitude.


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