the great wall of controversy.

On Matt Damon and Ghostbusters

Oh Hollywood, you’ve done it again. Good on you.

A movie set in China. Dragons. Historical elements. Sounds like a good time. Why Matt Damon? What about that movie screamed “MUST CAST MATT DAMON” to you? Hey there, white saviour trope. I’d like to say it’s been awhile, but it hasn’t. Look this is not a good thing. We laugh it off because it’s so obviously stupid, but the joke is going too far. Remember when Donald Trump running for president was a joke. Yeah, look how well that went. Get serious people.



Most clearly Chinese actor. 10/10 for representation. 

People of colour could totally sell movies if they were given a chance, that is. As it is, I live in a super white suburb. I know like 3 Indian people, an Egyptian guy and one black person (is that an okay thing to say? African-Australian? Is that a thing?). The only exposure I have had to people of colour has been through mass media (not a thing I’m proud of) so it’s safe to say that my exposure has been minimal. Exposure is a terrible word to use because it sounds gross but I can’t think of another and I am very tired. I hate that I don’t see more diversity. I love diversity. It makes things so much more believable. It’s like when teenagers on TV never swear. It makes such little sense not to show the world as it is. I honestly just don’t remember most actors names anymore because, unless they really stand out, they’re all the same white person in a new costume. That isn’t interesting. I don’t care if it sells tickets.

I have my super dumb acquaintances at school who get mad when shows change the race of a character. This is where it’s complicated. White in fiction is the default (a thing which also sucks). If The Flash wants to make the West family POC then that’s cool. Their skin colour did not give anything or take anything away from the character. It was not central to the character. It didn’t change anything. Who cares? Apparently some people. When it comes to people of colour having their cultural heritage and social context, both of which are more often than not central to the few diverse characters in media, essentially erases everything that the character once was. Why would they ever do this? So they can cast Emma Stone, Scarjo and Matt freaking Damon. What a world we live in. White people have had it all, we have literally invaded history, time to move aside and let the rest of the world have some space. We haven’t ‘fixed’ racism and the fact that some people think we have is 90% of where the problem comes from.

None of that was eloquent. Moving on.

Another note on diversity in Hollywood. #whitefeminism kekerino. I saw Ghostbusters. I really loved it. I thought it was funny, in the general American “LOOK HERE JOKE LAUGH FUNNY” way that all of their comedy comes across to me. It by far beats what has become funny to myself and my friends. All we do is make jokes about obscure memes and drinking bleach. Mmmmm sweet death. Our first-world, middle-class lives are making it so hard to live because we have to get an education and work hard. Boo-hoo, emphasis on the boo (that wasn’t my joke. I stole it from the movie. Don’t give me credit because I’m not that funny). The pacing was good. The acting was great. The special effects were delightfully corny. 9/10 because I am total trash. When will I pick a consistent rating system? No idea. I don’t play by the rules fool.

I recommend you see Ghostbusters. It at least supports some move towards a change in Hollywood attitudes. Please. Go. If you hate it you can slap me in the face repeatedly with a piece of moist bread while M.I.L.F.$ plays in the background for an hour. The sacrifices I make for you guys.




  1. allthoughtswork · August 4, 2016

    I don’t get it. There are plenty of hot Asian actors out there. I know they sign leads in order to ensure ticket sales but I think Daniel Henney is drool-worthy enough to offer a good showing. Okay, he may have only three facial expressions but nobody will be looking at his face once the clothes rip off in battle.

    Liked by 1 person

    • taffles · August 4, 2016

      I am 100% for Asian actors being leads in things because there are some super talented (and super attractive) Asian actors out there who don’t get a chance


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