straya! ya ads are getting #real

So I was watching Married At First Sight yesterday and I was greeted with the most in your face (in the best way possible) ad. It was all about diversity! It is super cute and really demonstrates the real spectrum of people for the first time (that I have seen) on Australian television. We are often not the most progressive bunch as a whole. I am seen by many as a radical lefty but also get shafted with the small minded Christian stereotype. I can’t seem to win. Anyway, I’m off topic. This ad just didn’t give a damn. It came out and just said stuff.

“Who was here first?”

“Uhhh… That would be us.”

I died. It was so perfect. It made me smile. I thought that this genuinely good and pure advertisement, that delivered a positive message with a strong sense of community, poked harmless fun at a few things, was safe. How wrong I was.

The like to dislike ratio is so dumb. Like, what is offending you? I feel like even vegetarians and vegans (who I think are awesome, please don’t come for me) couldn’t dislike the overall message of the video enough to chuck it a dislike.

I don’t know. Maybe, I’m missing something problematic? I’d love to know what anyone else thinks. (Psssst there’s a comment section for that so hit me up homies)


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