oh my lord young justice is back

Season 3 is officially in production and the future is looking brighter. 

I am so excited for a new season of a (fairly/sometimes/a bit later on) diverse and mature animated show. Deep storylines and character development. I am so whelmed.

If you have never watched this show please, please, please go and watch it now. It is a brilliant demonstration of everything good about the DC animated universe. It is delightfully refreshing. Ah the excitement!

Fans of the show were outraged when it was cancelled back in 2013 and there was the typical barrage of emails to Warner Bros. who are notorious for cancelling all of the good animation. The evil bastards. And creating nightmares in their place. Teen Titans Go!. *shudders*


<< Look at how cool these guys are. They’re so cool.

Hopefully with this being a continuation and not a re-boot on crack it will be back to the good old days. With larks and sprees and teenagers being placed in absurdly dangerous and unlikely situations with their main focuses being on the stresses of the team life.

This is the best news of my life gang. Honestly, I am so excited.

My body is ready.

I suppose that is all for now.


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