welcome to me freaking out about ‘the walking dead’ #3

A new season means I’m back. Wow, you may be saying “I thought you were dead Taffles. Now that I know you weren’t devoured by a pack of hungry outback creatures I’m mad that you abandoned me.” I’m afraid dearest reader that while I remained safe from deadly Australian creatures I was being brutally slaughtered by my exams. As a result, I have been too dead to update and barely alive enough to even watch The Walking Dead, which we all know is the best show on television.

Onto my out freaking.

Holy freakin’ crap on a multigrain cracker. I swear AMC. When you killed (blank) and (black) but especially my son (blank) – do I really have to be spoiler free? why are you here if you haven’t watched it. Leave. – I cried for like an hour. That special effects work was amazing.

Daryl Dixon, I blame you. I don’t care how much hate I get. It is his fault. More bloody character development for possibly the most overrated character to ever grace our screens. I used to really love Daryl. I still like him. I’m just sick of him being untouchable. Like in episode 3 there was no tension because they won’t kill him. He makes them too much money. Chill with the dude.

The Kingdom. Man. I am down to clown. More of that please and less of the untouchable southern man sitting in a room and then standing in a room and then sitting in a room.

Negan is amazing. He has brought a whole new flavour to this show. Something so fresh and so clean, clean. I find myself smiling so hard that it hurts while also gripping a pillow really tight out of fear so there’s something.

Oh, my favourite scene. Carl and the hatchet and Rick reaching his absolute breaking point. That was some acting on fleek. Props to everyone.

I really love this show. Please if anyone reads this please talk to me. None of my friends watch it and I need to cry and squee. I’m developing wrinkles from scrunching my forehead in stress.



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