welcome to me freaking put about ‘the walking dead’ #4

You know how I said these would be more regular? I lied. Don’t trust people on the internet folks.

I am behind so please no spoilers. If anyone says anything about ‘Hearts Still Beating’ I will end them. Okay.

Oh wow. I really haven’t talked about this show in a while. Everything about this show causes me pain. Honestly, I actually can’t deal with the struggle. This show makes me lose the ability to english.

Tara finally getting a feature episode was the best thing that had ever happened to me until I realised that she didn’t know that her girlfriend and the guy who saved her life and brought her to her now family are bothe dead. I don’t know what happened with senses in that sentence but I am too tired to fix it.

The Zombie Amazons were pretty cool but I am very worried for their safety. I feel as though they were put there to be expendable and that makes me concerned. Plus seeing those children with guns made me very afraid.

I am concerned by how much I smile when Negan is on screen. That man is so extra. Like chill out please it is simply the apocalypse friend.

Carl, my son. So much screen time. What a gift. “Small emo country boy tries to be big scary man-beast”, a new title for the show right there. Alternatively, “Eugene actually exceeds character expectations” or “Is it okay to be this attracted to Jesus?”.

I honestly will try to be more regular with these incoherent ramblings. I know that all 0 of you adore them.

Stay spicy my little children.



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