this week in celebrity entitlement.

Jennifer Lawrence tries to make disrespectful behavior a #relatable anecdote. 

I watched this video last night right before bed. I wish I hadn’t. Why, J-Law? Why?

It just drives me crazy that she could consider the cultural and religious views of the Hawaiian people to be a silly thing that she can ignore in order to satisfy her desire to scratch her wetsuit-clad butt. Oh, Jen, there is this wonderful thing that my good friend Aretha Franklin introduced me to, it’s called respect. You should try it.

Look I get it. She is telling a funny story, she is trying to be the funny relatable celebrity so that her fans will go, “OMG J-Law gets an itchy butt too? We’re basically twins.” I feel like she still could have just scratched her ass herself rather than using, what she knew at the time to be, sacred rocks.

When she says, “Ancestors or something,” my eyes rolled entirely out of my head at her reluctance to even learn a little bit of information about the area that she was filming in. Honestly, people make mistakes, who knows, I myself may have behaved inappropriately around sacred rocks in my own time, but I have not known, nor would I make the beliefs of a group of people a punch line to my joke.

Her flippancy about the fact that her actions endangered the crew on set because, come on, she’s Jennifer Lawrence, the money maker, also grinds my gears.

I feel like Chris Pratt’s facial expressions sum up everything. Like, “What is she saying? Why is this happening? You did what? I’m meant to be laughing but it isn’t really funny.”

She has made an almost-apology:

But it has more to do with the fact that people are mad at what she said than showing remorse for her actions or ignorance.

Plus what kind of celebrity makes formal apologies on Facebook? The social media platform for weird aunts and estranged cousins, that seems sincere.


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