welcome to me freaking out about ‘the walking dead’ #5

What the frick am I supposed to do until February? 

This episode was super wild my friend. “Hearts Still Beating” left my heart completely stationary. I feel like I’m being constantly attacked by this show if I’m being honest. It seems a little unfair.

When they teased the ‘bury your gays’ trope again with Aaron I was like, ‘Nah man, don’t play that game. I will be displeased.” And then he was okay. AND THEN they just straight up beat him, over and over again. What did that poor man ever do to anyone? His character is very similar to Glenn’s in their shared driving factors. He makes me miss Glenn.

When they killed Whiter Than Sour Cream TM, I was actually happy for once. Like that guy just never did anything good, only out for himself, I don’t play games with folks like that and so I don’t appreciate watching my faves play games with folks like that. *Googles character name so I can cease being super vague* Spencer! Freaking Spencer. Hate that guy. When Negan did the whole, “Oh there are your guts” thing I was like “OHHHHHHHHHH GET REKT SPENCER YOU TINY DONGED SPINELESS MOFO, TRYNA COME AT RICK BUT YA TOO COWARDLY GOT YOUR GUTS ON DA FLOOR.”

Negan makes this show so much better. But then Rosita with the bullet, I was like “Nah fam, not over Mr. Double Ply.” The hoe didn’t listen and went and done it anyway. Sigh. So the useless trade was made. Daryl breaks out and Eugene was taken in.

Plus what is with this show and killing the people who haven’t really done anything ever to anyone. It’s a little unfair.

At the end, when they did the rousing speech. Heck yeah, we’re gonna fight. That’ll be a good half season. All of them looking at each other and talking with their eyes. Enid and Carl worry me because kissing a Grimes is like accepting a death sentence.

What I don’t understand is that The Saviours are clearly gathering enough supplies from other groups to not have to work themselves other than collecting. If that is the case then they must be collecting from more than just the groups we have met so far. How have we not seen them? Have these characters been driving super far every time they go somewhere for the last 3 seasons? It has to be close enough for people to travel on foot to locations. A group rebellion should not be that far out of reach or difficult to orchestrate.

Please talk to me about this show. I have no real friends and as a result, no one to scream at about this show.


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