weird things customers have said in my bookshop #5

This time you get 3 for the price of 1. That price is free, this is WordPress.

This completely average looking woman was flicking through a Superfood Cookbook, standing in front of the bay where we show all of the cookbooks. She gets my attention, and I ask if she needs anything and she responds:

“Yeah, just a question.”

“Go for it.”

“Where are the cookbooks?”

I pause for a moment before gesturing directly in front of her, “They’re all just here.”

“Oh, thanks so much.”


Somebody else returned a copy of a completely read book. The spine wasn’t broken so company policy says that we must give a refund. I died of grumpiness that day.

There is nothing better at Christmas time than stupid, asshole kids being little freakin’ assholes. Swagging in with their Macca’s $1 slushies and going, “Do you have books with pages in them?” 5 freaking minutes before closing. Dammit.



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