welcome to me freaking out about ‘the walking dead’ #6

‘Rock in the Road’ and ‘New Best Friends’.

Okay, guys, I was on a cruise to Tasmania when season 7B premiered so this post is late even though I wanted to be really on the ball this time around. Sorry ’bout it.

My favourite show is back! Rick and the gang. My little nuggets. Taking on the zombie apocalypse one day at a time.

I’m mostly going to talk about ‘New Best Friends’ because that episode had me shook fam. They were hopeful again. Rick and his little “look at all of these people who aren’t saviours pointing weapons at my face” smile. These new people seem very cool. I don’t know why they talk like people who are forgetting how to formulate a proper sentence or the mysterious expositionary character from a fantasy novel. They can keep it though. Along with their #fashion looks. What a badass little squad. Now all they need are some showers. That zombie with the spikes, though, wowza, I would not have wanted to be the one who created that killing machine.

King Ezekiel is such a cool dude. I kind of get the impression that he was a pre-school teacher before, you know, all the dead people. He should be reading me a picture book before bed each night. I think I’m losing it. It is very late at night and I am tired.

Tara has become one of my favourite characters. Not because she has the same name as me, ya hear me, Janet, she just seems like the most realistic and relatable character. She is also very funny. We must be related. Get it, because this recap has made you chuckle audibly so many times already. Don’t worry, I do have a day job.

Carol is my favourite and I just want to let her read her book by the fire imagining all of her friends alive, safe and eating fresh, baked goods. Daryl is everything when it comes to being protective of Carol, I can relate. I just wish the writers would make a decision on the two of them and run with it, it’s not like they have a comic book storyline to ignore when it comes to the badass kiddos.

I’m excited to see where things go. All of the groups may team up to take out the saviours but what the hell happens after that. They just ignore each other. Who will take on the role of powerful assholes? Rick and his group? The forest lesbians? Who knows? Not me and probably not the writers. Ha.

I’m going to let you all return to your lives now. Thanks for wasting the few moments it took you to not read this. Much love.



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