i demand a formal apology.

I have been LIED to. 

Who in the hell was telling me that university is easier than high school? Well, not easier, but that you have way more free time? I want a written apology from every single individual who threw these untruths at me. I want them to get down on their knees and apologise because that is NOT THE CASE HOLY HELL BATMAN.

I’ve seen my boyfriend less than I did in year 12. I have seen my friends once? In 6 months? Um. This is not okay. This is rude. I need someone to tell me that it gets easier. Can someone do that? I’m in a friggin education course. I should not be this busy. I don’t even have hobbies. I’M NOT IN ANY CLUBS. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Despite this, I am delusional telling myself that Semester Two will be, like, way easier and I’ll have my life together again. Which I totally will. Right? Right? Please, somebody, tell me that I’m right.

Where did this lie come from? Is this so that we work harder in high school? Or, am I the only one that thought this? Am I crazy? I’m crazy, aren’t. Great. Who am I even talking to?

Okay. Brief rant to nobody on the internet done. Back to cramming.




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