children are weird.

So, it’s been like months since I’ve posted anything but I’m not dead I promise.

Hopefully, this post means I’m back for good. You’d think I’d have interesting things to say as a university student (or at least think that I have interesting things to say) but apparently not.

I’m currently on my first teaching placement and it is VERY EXCITING. With each day I feel like I’m closer to becoming a competent teacher (or at least a functioning teacher with only a minor caffeine dependency).

I thought that today, I’d give you a quick list of weird things I’ve seen since I started working with children again:

  • A year 7 boy drew an Ancient Greek temple inspired by the game Fortnite
  • Another kid felt the need to let me know that his mum had 4 Fortnite wins while doing a crossword about Ancient Greek philosophers
  • Another one threw his shoe across the room and into the bin
  • A year 7 girl turned her chair upside down and sat in between the legs
  • One kid opened a meme that was airdropped to him while I was right behind him and he KNEW I was there (the sheer balls that takes)
  • A year 12 girl fell asleep under a table
  • A year 8 boy attempted to defend his choice of a verb (that was definitely NOT a verb) for a full 3 minutes
  • A kid put his sock on the face of the kid next to him
  • A kid just stood up and walked over to the wall. He had no objective, he just… walked…
  • And finally, a kid tried to cover up the fact that he called his friend an ‘asshole’ right infront of me by IMMEDIATELY following it up with ‘ear-hole, mouth-hole, nose-hole, face hole’. Nice save.

So, yeah. In conclusion, kids are weird and wonderful.


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