it me.


Hi. I’m Tara.

Welcome to my blog. I’m Australian and a university student. What am I studying? Well, aren’t you a curious thing. I’m studying secondary education, so in about four years you can send me your children and I’ll teach them stuff. It’ll be cool. I’m cool. Shut up, Tara.

I don’t know why I have a blog. Honestly, I’m not a very interesting person. I could write all of this stuff down in a journal and it would accomplish the same thing. I guess I thought it might be fun to be an internet person. A blog seemed a good, low-pressure way to join in. So, welcome my little corner of the web.

I like many things. I was just accosted by a particularly unkind smell, I’m in a library. Speaking of libraries, that’s something that I like. I like books. Books are nice and make good friends.

Laughing is awesome. People should do it more often.

I also enjoy theatre and film. I wanted to be an actor until I realised that no one wants to hire a weird Australian with a face for radio. So I fell back on my love for history and hope to rant about cool periods of history to a classroom of teenagers for the rest of my life.

Goodness, the smell of BO in this library is very bad, I don’t know where it’s coming from. It smells like a bus. I get bus sick. Wish me luck with the whole continuing to breathe thing.

That’s probably enough about me for now. Please stick around. Make my existence feel validated.


PSTTTTTTT…. I have a goodreads. Because books. Be my friend.

Also, a Twitter. Not that I have people to follow me.


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